Flap and Bone Surgery
When gum is inflamed severely (periodontitis), alveolar bone will be absorbed, and defected. Periodontal ligaments which connect between the alveolar bone and the teeth will disappear. Sever bone lose will cause tooth moving and missing. Flap and bone surgery is order to contour the bone, deeply clean the tooth to reduce the inflammation, and promote bone re-growing and connections firm.

Detailed Procedures

  1. Presurgical bone defect. Gum inflamed and reddish.
  2. Flap incision to make gum retracted, and the bone shows out.
  3. The bone is contoured, and remain tartar is removed.
  4.  Gum is sutured back.
  5. After periodontal surgery, the bone defect disappears, and gum becomes healthy pink color.